G’day Mate and welcome to Fur-B-Que! So we heard you like shrimp on the barbie, crocks, roos, koalas, and everything from the land downunda! Well come on in, sit for a spell and enjoy the fun we have ta offer!

Fur-B-Que is the all you can eat, furry fall festival day and camping experience held in Frederick MD! With tons of games, actives, and food to go around, what better way to celebrate Australia than with a bunch of your fellow furry and geek friends?

7 thoughts on “Fur-B-Que 3: The Land Downunda! September 29, 2018: 1pm-11pm”

  1. I am interested to travel and join you for this event after a twelve hours drive but I’ll be traveling with my dog in a large size motorhome. Is there enough parking space to accommodate a 39 feet vehicle for the night?

    1. There most likely will be room. There are animals on the property that belong to the owners, and as long as the animals do not have an issue with the dog, then you should be fine. If there is any issue, we will have to ask you to remove the dog from the event (station them inside of the trailer). There is no place for hook up of the trailer just FYI.

    2. PLEASE NOTE: Due to weather conditions, and some items outside of our control, we no longer can accept your trailer. Unfortunately the grounds are too wet to place a trailer on and this has been an order placed by the land owners. Please note, if you arrive with the trailer, you will be denied access to place the trailer on the grounds.

  2. Hey! So I’ve been planning on attending this event with a friend for a while now, but my friend said that you need to pay? I’m not sure if this is true or not, but is it free to come? Do I need to bring anything, I’m completely fine with doing so.

    1. Greetings,

      Yes you do need to pay. It is $35 for a basic ticket and $80 for the Top Hog ticket. Both get you into the event and to the majority of the entertainment items. Top Hog also provides seating and a couple of perks. Please see our registration page for details.

  3. Gah! Why is this happening the weekend we close on the new house?!?!?! Lol. Maybe I can at least swing by and see what’s going down.

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