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Basic Badge (Regular)- $40/ $15 for children 5-12 Years Old:

  • Two All-You-Can-Eat meals (Lunch and dinner)
  • Access to general games and events of Fur-B-Que
  • Camping (in either camp site)
  • Annual gift
  • Annual Badge
  • Don’t forget to bring your own chair!

P.S.- We have shirts for sale and it includes FREE Tie Dye at the event (Only $15!!)

Top Hog Badge- $80 (Limit 12):

All of the above plus-

  • First served food rights
  • Premium parking spots (Weather Dependent)
  • Complimentary chair (One to sit at, at the event; One to keep)
  • Separate lounge area
  • Special Additional Gift(s)- FBQ Shirt Included!
  • Our eternal gratitude for the support!


Merchant’s Table Badge- $50 (Limit 5):

Register Here:


All that is included with the Basic/Regular Badge, plus-

  • 1- Six foot table
  • 2- Folding chairs
  • The rights to sell at the event
  • Various publications by us to announce your business on our social media accounts
  • For full details on selling as a merchant, please see this page:  Fur-B-Que Merchant’s Row