Coming to the event gives you access to two meals (both All-You-Can-Eat):

Lunch (Starting between 1pm-3pm)-

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork, Veggie Burgers, French Fries, Veggie Platter, Drinks, Dessert

Dinner (Starting between 6pm-8pm)-

Steak, Chicken, Salads, Additional Sides, Dessert

Campfire (Starting 6pm and beyond)-

S’mores and Cake

Additional items will vary upon the choice of the chefs and attendee donation.

If you have specific food allergies, we will do our best to accommodate your needs, and provide as much labeling as we possibly can!

Special M.A.A.A. Coupon for Fur The More:

Want to help out Fur-B-Que AND yourself? Bring a store bought/ sealed side, dessert or drink to share and receive a $5 voucher to use at Fur The More 2019! The voucher will be good for a $5 discount at the convention store or on Sunday of the convention for the early bird Fur The More 9 (2020) registration.  Coupon will be given upon arrival to the BBQ. Limit one per person. Coupon expires the Sunday of Fur The More.