Too tired after a day of fun or do you want to continue the festival into late night? Come a pitch a tent! We even have two sections just in case you want some quiet time or to party on!

The Quiet Fairy Forest-

For those who want some good and quiet sleep, this is the area for you. It will be set up outside the gates, away from the bustle of the party.

The Party Animal Tent Area-

SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK… until sunrise at least. This area is for those who want to continue partying after 11pm.

Rules/Suggestions for camping-

  • Bring your own tent/camping needs excluding personal cooking equipment (no cooking allowed)
  • Breakfast will NOT be provided unless you aid with clean up in the morning
  • All attendees must leave the property by 12 noon on Sunday
  • Be respectful of your fellow camp mates
  • No loud music after 11pm
  • Respect the property
  • Don’t drink and drive, pitch the tent!
  • Pitch the tent before sunset as there is very limited lighting around the property
  • Attendees under the age of 18 MUST have a parent/guardian stay with them within the campgrounds, within feet of their tent (if not inside of the same tent). Anyone under this age will NOT be permitted to stay without guardianship.
  • Campers (trailer type of sleeping devices) will not be permitted. Tent camping only.
  • Please note, within the “Party Animal” area, the land’s animals roam free. Please keep this in mind. It is their land, and they may become curious with an individual’s camping equipment. Fur-B-Que and the land owners are NOT responsible for any damages that may occur to personal properties.
  • Fur-B-Que/the land owners are NOT responsible for activities that may happen within the camping areas. We will do our best to aid in any problem situations, but any personal situations that may occur are the sole responsibility of he party at hand. The same rules apply during camping as is does during the general event.